How many times have you purchased postcards in a souvenir shop that looked nothing like what you actually saw while exploring the streets?

StreetSalad was founded with one goal in mind:
Transform the art and tourism industries using postcards, period.

StreetSalad.Co designs once in a lifetime experiences coupled with a curated set of vibrant, picture postcards. 

Together these postcards are a 'Street Salad,' or a collection of images ranging from unique landmarks and dope art to local businesses, yummy bites, and more! 

Postcards typically display images of major landmarks - the Golden Gate Bridge, Eiffel Tower, or Times Square.  

StreetSalad postcards illuminate the gems of the journey - the little things we missed while following Google Maps to the next major attraction.

We collaborate with local artists to showcase the heart and soul of these vibrant communities.

We then strategically define a journey from point A to point B using these artworks as guides and postcards as time-capsules to be shared around the world.

Put simply, we choose postcards, do you?