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Oakland tours send a message: Postcard scavenger hunts boost local spots, interactions

As the Oakland native looked for jobs in the Bay Area after her return, an idea popped into her head: What if she created a scavenger hunt in which participants are given a series of images printed on postcards to search for locations where those photos were taken? And what if those images led them to certain spots, such as local restaurants, stores and coffee shops — as a means to help participants learn about a neighborhood and its history?

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A Scavenger Hunt in Temescal That Aims to Spotlight Small Businesses 

After she graduated from college, Jena Dominique embarked on a two-year journey around the world, traveling to such far-flung places as Morocco, Thailand, and Brazil. Wherever she went, she would buy postcards to send to family and friends. "Postcards have the power to perfectly summarize an experience in visual form," she wrote in an email. But the ones she bought often sat in her bag.


by Keith Miziguchi

KCBS San Francisco Interview

The scavenger hunt really is a way to give folks a better visual representation of Oakland.
— Jena, Founder, StreetSalad


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